March 23, 2017 blog

Tata Founder's Day

Tata companies and employees in Europe made a #TataPledge to give something back to the local community on Founder's Day

On March 3rd we celebrated the life of Tata group Founder Jamsetji Tata, whose commitment to improving the quality of life of the communities we serve continues to guide Tata companies globally.

In the UK, Tata companies support their communities in a range of ways, from random acts of kindness – such as Jaguar Land Rover designing hi-tech steps that allowed a young girl suffering from cerebral palsy to continue her passion of riding horses - to broader initiatives like Tata Limited working with NACUE to support young entrepreneurs.

On Founder's Day we wanted to further the spirit of giving back by encouraging Tata companies and employees to make a #TataPledge; a promise to give something back to the local community.

Claude Sassoulas from Tata Communications pledged to teach children about entrepreneurship, whilst Tracey Cownden from Jaguar Land Rover pledged to make 50 workbenches for the charity People in Action, which supports people in putting their life plans into action.

As part of our Founder's Day celebrations, we launched an online quiz about the different Tata companies in Europe so employees from one part of the group could learn about the others and feel part of something larger.

Remembering Jamsetji Tata on Founder's Day each year continues to inspire us to live and work by the values that he set in place.


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